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About Us

Who We Are:

Project Recovery (PR) is a stand-alone facility in San Diego, California, dedicated to the treatment of co-occurring disorders associated with substance use disorder.

​Most treatment facilities measure treatment episode success by length of abstinence (clean time). PR measures treatment success from a unique perspective. Recovery begins with abstinence, but it is not measured by abstinence alone. Treatment begins with a commitment to change secondary to the belief that change can happen. The journey begins at detox and continues after the treatment episode at PR.

Actual recovery is a lifelong journey of self-discovery and maturing. We place a high priority on character formation, good citizenship, and personal responsibility as modeled by our staff. In our warm and homestyle community culture we often say, “you can belong, before you believe.” Believing that personal change is possible.

PR offers lifestyle modification in several forms. For example, our personal training focus is not to get people in shape in 30 to 90 days but to introduce interested individuals to a new lifestyle of health and fitness. Dispelling fears and failures with optimism and confidence, environment familiarization, and seeing the notion of a healthy lifestyle through a new lens.

Our Vision:

To become an industry leader in the quality of care by transforming lives of individuals impacted by substance use disorder to become valuable, impactful, and honorable member of the society.

Our Mission:

Restoring lives of individuals and families impacted by substance use disorder and mental health challenges and giving hope to those that follow.

Our Value Statement:

- Compassion: We are here to support you in any way we can. We believe in your strength and resilience, and are committed to helping you on your journey towards healing and recovery. Let us work together with empathy, understanding, and kindness towards your brighter future. ​

- Integrity: We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.

- Accountability & Restoration:  We take responsibility for our words and behaviors and when we are wrong, we promptly admit it and seek reconciliation.

- Respect: We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.

- Community: We Believe that each member of a society or community has an inherent responsibility and self-accountability to the other members of that community.

- Role modeling:  Living out our values and standards is a foundational responsibility of those seeking to impact lives.

Our Competitive Advantage

- Strong leadership team. Our core leadership team combines diverse and extensive experience in addiction treatment, counseling, IT, EMR systems, and insurance management.

- Quality of care. We offer evidence based, integrated treatment. This allows our clinicians to spend more time with our clients and provide the best treatment that they deserve.

- Integrated service. Project Recovery offers programming consistent with emerging, and clinically validated science . Our integrative approach to recovery includes physical, emotional, social, and psychological healing. This includes, but is not limited to:


- Individual and group therapy

- Art/Dance therapy

- Meditation

- Physical activities / Gym

- Sober / Outdoor Fun

- Yoga

- Innovation and technology adoption. We use the latest Prescription Digital Therapeutic (PDT) to help our clinicians to accurately track patient-reported cravings and triggers and provide on-time treatment and counseling. This is a revolutionary technology that has only been approved by the FDA recently.

- Continuum of care. The effectiveness of treatment depends on long-term care that starts with detox, PHP, IOP, and long-term sober living. After receiving our clients from local detox centers, we are dedicated to providing long-term care and finally transitioning them to our sober-living facilities.

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